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En trevlig händelse i helgen var chansen att få vara med i Sweet Sunday Web Crunch. Ett on line-sänt program varje söndagkväll, definitivt med varm Cosby-känsla. Supertack för att jag fick vara med!

SSWC produceras av  Björn Falkevik som tillsammans med Mattias Östmar och Joakim Nyström är programledare. Det blev ett samtal om bland annat:

  • Stora Bloggpriset och mingelsnack på galan som var i veckan
  • SVTs Twitterflöde under Melodifestivalen
  • PR-konsulter som spökskriver bloggposter
  • ett block om politik och sociala medier där jag berättade om boken Politik 2.0 som jag är redaktör för samt om JMW och Socialamedieakuten i Almedalen som vi kör tillsammans med Jocke Jardenberg
  • ”Hej integrerad kommunikation”, ännu en härlig fyrfältare av Mattias
  • mer från Stora Bloggprisets gala
  • lite allvar på slutet – 5 things that made me think

Kika själva, ta fram en kopp kaffe och kolla in SSWC här.


Politik och sociala medier. Valrörelsen 2010. Del 7.

Om hur hett sociala medier och politik är samt hur trist det är att traditionella medier alltid hittar den triviala vinklingen när det gäller sociala medier.

Nu blev jag glad och överraskad! En vänlig själ har nominerat den här bloggen till Yaba 2010 i kategorin Marknadsföring. Oj oj. Det känner jag mig galet stolt över! Men måste säga att mitt riktigt tunga bloggande som kanske, kanske till och med skulle kunna vara värt en röst ; ) gör jag oftast hos JMW.

Kika på mina postningar där och vill du ge sedan ge mig en röst så blir jag stolt. Mycket! Bloggandet betyder så mycket för mig och jag blir förstås oerhört glad över att förstå att det uppskattas också.

Och jag lovar blogga mer här också nu när Elwira Kotowska nominerat mig så uppmuntrande. Tack!

/Brit Stakston

Politik och sociala medier. Valrörelsen 2010. Del 1.

Det här är den första av mina postningar i vad som kom att bli en serie om sociala medier i valrörelsen 2010. En grundläggande postning om varför sociala medier kan revitalisera politiken och vad man ofta missar.

Politik och sociala medier. Valrörelsen 2010. Del 2.

Del 2 handlar om att sociala medier är att betrakta som en tredjedel av medielandskapet idag. En summering av diskussionen runt publiceringen av den första delen samt resonemang om ett aktuellt exempel med den finske statsministern och sitt användande av bloggen.

I attended the mind-blowing Geek Girl Meet Up the other weekend. Two brilliant days filled with great sessions and talks with 99 wonderful Geek Girls : )

My favourite session was the one held by Ella Britton from Thinkpublic, they are an award-winning agency focused on using design to improve service experiences in the public sector. They achieve this by working with service providers and the general public to gain understanding of how their services and experiences could be improved.

On behalf of Citizen Media Watch I was able to make a short interview with Ella the night after her session. As my son said after seeing my joy while talking to Ella ”Mum you look as if you where in love”. And he is right in the sense of how it really makes me happy to see when social media and new technology is used to improve peoples life – basically to do good in the world.

/Brit Stakston

Let me promote a video of a session about tranparency which I was privileged to attend along with Joakim Jardenberg and Annika Lidne at The Really Realtime Conference, organized by Disruptive Media. When it comes to transparency Jocke and I totally agree so it was more a tribute to transparency than a debate. Transparency is one of my favorite topics to discuss.

Transparency is one of the aspects of social media which can be difficult to relate to for companies in the beginning. The view of what transparency is also often discussed as if there are only two extremes. One perspective in which everything is shown, total nudity, which often has the effect that the others go over to the other corner, far away fully clothed and in total darkness. I believe it is important to give some thought in order to distinguish who I am as a person and what vision the company I represent has and my position at the company. Somewhere there the level of transparency is formed.

Transparency is relevant with or without social media but is a component of communication that is tested even harder in the social media sphere. I see transparency in the social media landscape as something more about safety than a  threat for companies. Transparency builds credibility. The speed of communication carried out in the new social media landscape can of course be used by the companies themselves, too. Transparency is always all about credibility no matter of what platform for communication is used. It gives the sender the opportunity to give their views on things. And the recipient a chance to understand what the sender wants to communicate.

I believe transparency increases the opportunities to be understood. And who can say no to that? You are welcome to listen to our conversation and share your thoughts. What do you think about the concept of transparency? What is your reflection on what is easy and what is not?

And… Annika Lidne remains as the coolest –  thank you again for a great conference. Again!

/Brit Stakston


This is a discussion piece that was born when me and Niclas Strandh, who I collaborate with in workshops about social media and blogging, analyzed what we had experienced and decided to research how thoughts where developing around the financial crisis concerning social media. Our thinking grew to a extended post at JMW as well as a debate-piece in the Swedish marcom-magazine Dagens Media.

The recession hit the world hard this week. It is time to point out that companies can grow during the recession by diverting more of their marketing budgets to social media. Consumer generated media supports one of the core values of being human: the possibility to share values, experiences and standpoints in a constant, ongoing dialogue. Social media has emerged as a technological tool that supports this profoundly human behaviour. No matter of age, gender, geographic location, cultural or social background or political values. Social media cuts through all this. It is our responsibility to help companies embrace this.

We as communication consultants and brand strategists need to be pedagogues and visualize the benefits of social media clearer in the times ahead of us. We need to focus more on inspiring and giving companies the courage to integrate and initiate a dialogue with consumers. Many companies still hesitate. At a time when consumers need to feel that promises are kept and that they are given thorough support in their decision-making a honest and open dialogue with consumers is important and is given by participating in the conversation through social media channels. This is the way to find your invaluable brand advocates.

The map for marketing communication is becoming more and more invalid for every new social media channel there is. The map needs to be re-drawn by us constantly and communicated to CXOs. We are not suggesting that everything should be removed but digital media marketing channels—but the focus must be on building communication starting from the ongoing dialogue. Integration must be more default in marketing choices and will lead to that even traditional media choices will become more efficient, better optimized and thus cheaper.

Undoubtedly, social media carries two great opportunities during depression. Purchasing decisions made by customers in bad times, whether they are in the consumer segment, or in the B2B segment, need even greater decision-making and the need to discuss with each other before making a purchase. The core of social media is based upon exactly this dialogue. The second possibility that social media carries is that it consists of extremely fast and cost-effective tools to be used as support in crisis management.

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Here I will publish some of my thinking on social media that might be interesting for the world outside of Sweden  🙂 . . .if you want to follow my thinking in Swedish please visit the blog at JMW where I on a daily basis write about different aspects of social media and communication, my postings are found here.

JMW is one of Sweden´s leading PR agencies when it comes to social media and I am extremely proud of being part of that team.