Let me promote a video of a session about tranparency which I was privileged to attend along with Joakim Jardenberg and Annika Lidne at The Really Realtime Conference, organized by Disruptive Media. When it comes to transparency Jocke and I totally agree so it was more a tribute to transparency than a debate. Transparency is one of my favorite topics to discuss.

Transparency is one of the aspects of social media which can be difficult to relate to for companies in the beginning. The view of what transparency is also often discussed as if there are only two extremes. One perspective in which everything is shown, total nudity, which often has the effect that the others go over to the other corner, far away fully clothed and in total darkness. I believe it is important to give some thought in order to distinguish who I am as a person and what vision the company I represent has and my position at the company. Somewhere there the level of transparency is formed.

Transparency is relevant with or without social media but is a component of communication that is tested even harder in the social media sphere. I see transparency in the social media landscape as something more about safety than a  threat for companies. Transparency builds credibility. The speed of communication carried out in the new social media landscape can of course be used by the companies themselves, too. Transparency is always all about credibility no matter of what platform for communication is used. It gives the sender the opportunity to give their views on things. And the recipient a chance to understand what the sender wants to communicate.

I believe transparency increases the opportunities to be understood. And who can say no to that? You are welcome to listen to our conversation and share your thoughts. What do you think about the concept of transparency? What is your reflection on what is easy and what is not?

And… Annika Lidne remains as the coolest –  thank you again for a great conference. Again!

/Brit Stakston